And it’s all done!

Get it here:

A full list of credits is also on that page.

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Beta proofreading patch out!

The draft translations were done in 3 May 2012 and passed off to checking and editing.  Unfortunately editing has been going slower than expected.  In the meantime we’ve received numerous comments asking about the progress of the English patch.

Today we’ve decided to release a beta proofreading patch!

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Getting there

As I mentioned in the previous post, I was only responsible for the first translation, other members of the team are responsible for translation checking, editing and quality check.  For the last few weeks these have been going rather slowly (hopefully not because I made a mess of the translation!) but suddenly @fkeroge posted yesterday that all chapters have been checked and edited.  With that leap of progress we’re much closer to releasing this game in English than before!

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Draft translations all done!

Well it’s been a hectic few days but it seems I found some time to finish the draft translations after all.  All chapters have now been translated.  Now we’ll have to wait… Continue reading

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Introducing the team

[Since taking up this project early this month I have been able to progress with the translation at a healthy pace so far.  Unfortunately I’m afraid that Real Life may overtake me in a big way in the coming days and I won’t be update nearly as often.  I’d promised a “colorful introduction” for the people joining the translation team, but right now I’m just trying to get as much translation done as possible before RL hits the fan.  So I’d just list out the people on the team in a brief blurb for now and update this post as I get to know more about the team members and find the time to write creatively.] Continue reading

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SH6 translation is recruiting!

[Edit: DeltaCake and AXYPB of Yuri Project have stepped up to be the translation checker (TLC) and quality checker (QC) respectively.  Someone else also wrote in here and volunteered to be a second quality checker.  Since I’m only up to chapter 10 of 15 and  TLC and QC probably take less time per chapter than first translation, I think the translation assembly line is well filled out at this point.  But if you’d like to try your hand at this you’re still welcome to write in and we’ll see if we can fit you in somewhere.  Maybe you can even start work on one of the later games!]

Just completed translation of Ch.7 of Sono Hanabira 6 today.  Along with Ch.8 (out of 15 chapters) being half done just done as well we’re almost exactly at the halfway mark for first pass translation.  But we can’t finish this without your help!

Here are the people we’re looking for to finish releasing this game in English: Continue reading

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Kannazuki No Miko: Our Last Song Together (Cantonese AMV translated to English)

[Edit: English subbed version has been done.  Link after the jump.]

Today I received my first comment ever for a Cantonese AMV I made for Kannazuki No Miko.  To my surprise, it is in English, even though everything in the Youtube video from the title to all the lyric subtitles to the whole description is all in Chinese.

“This is such a beautiful AMV. This captures their relationship perfectly. ^^ //ashamed of my Cantonese. xDarkangelGirl 1 hour ago”

Well xDarkangelGirl, I don’t know how you stumbled upon my AMV, but in case you don’t understand the Chinese lyrics here’s an English translation line by line: Continue reading

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“By the power of pink nipples!” (mild funny spoiler warning for video)

Here’s a funny line I came across while translating Ch.7 of SH6.
「震えるぞハート! 燃え尽きるほどヒート! ピンクだぞ乳首!」=”Quivering heart! Burning heat! Pink nipples!”

Apparently Nanami was disturbed by herself spacing out in fantasy over Onee-sama again and tried to shake it off with a By the Power of Greyskull incantation that came out comically wrong. Continue reading

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“A kiss for the flower petals”

Yesterday I completed the first H-scene in SH6, in chapter 2.

I approached this scene with much trepidition.  In fact, I skipped over it and completed two later chapters before revisiting this scene.

As I will discuss later in another post, I’m translating mostly from the Chinese release.  (I rank my language abilities at Japanese 10% Chinese 99% English 90%.  If I were translating directly from Japanese to English I’d be at Blind Idiot Translation level).

Thankfully, the Chinese translation appears to be of very good quality, and I’m learning more Japanese as I work on this project.

One thing that this made me very nervous about though was how to translate the H-scenes… Continue reading

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Hello to everyone in the English yuri community.

I’ve decided to join the translation project for Sono Hanabira 6.

The English release is being coordinated as a whole at yuriproject.  Once I’ve completed translation of the text it will be in the capable hands of people such as AXYPB to modify the game code itself, using the excellent ArcTool by Proger_XP to embed the English text and dialog into the game. [Check this post for a full list of contributors to the project.]

I’m referring heavily to the Chinese translation of the game by jackcdx as well as reading the Japanese.

I’ll be releasing translations as they are done chapter by chapter into the yuriproject wiki so in the event that I drop this project for some reason anyone can pick up where I left off.

As the translation progresses I will be blogging about any interesting things I encounter.  Check back to the homepage to see my new posts.

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