Measure frequency response by ear–the why

Headphone frequency response measurements have been around for ages.

Headphone frequency response measurements suck.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a hard-nosed objectivist when it comes to audio in every other way.  I don’t cringe when DBT experiments show that you can replace coils of speaker wire thick as a snake and worth more than their weight in gold with rusty coat hangers with no difference heard by anybody.  I believe that modern audio performance can be characterized almost in their entirety by frequency response, phase response and nonlinear distortion–and most items in the audio chain perform admirably well on all counts, with the most notable exception being speaker and headphone frequency response.  (Phase and nonlinear distortion are almost more evident in transducers than in any other part of the chain, but have been shown to be controlled to inaudible levels through audio frequencies by many good headphones and speakers, some not even that expensive. (understatement alert!))

Nevertheless, everyone knows that headphone frequency response measurements suck.  Nobody can agree on what coupler, artificial ear or dummy head to measure them with;  after measurement, nobody can agree on the best compensation curve for massaging the graph;  but no matter what choices were made on the above two counts, everybody can agree that EQing the resulting graph to flat does not a good sounding pair of headphones make.  As an experiment, I dare you to try doing so with any one of the headphones in extensive headphone measurement database at innerfidelity that you own.

The problem, as far as I can see, is that we’re still not very good at simulating the mechanics and acoustics of a real human ear using dummy ears or dummy heads.  And probing a real ear is also a non-starter as the acoustics of any probe location other than the eardrum itself is different.  Even if someone were to sacrifice oneself for science and audio and replace one’s eardrums with microphones, said microphones wouldn’t match the acoustic impedance response of one’s eardrums.  Massaging flawed measurement data with compensation curves will not yield accurate results either, as the required compensation curve would change with each model of earphones, its acoustic coupling with the artificial ear being different from that with the real thing, this difference being unique for each model of earphones.

Feel free to correct me on any of the above–I’m not used to “bashing science” myself.

Thus, as an alternative to the above, I hereby propose that we measure frequency response of headphones by ear.  As for how this is even possible or how this can possibly be any good, stay tuned for the next update–“the how”!

As an early spoiler, take a look at the listener feedback on an example of headphone frequency response correction utilizing the result of FR measurements by ear.

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New Site Direction

This site just changed from blogging about a yuri dating sim to headphone audio o.O Site content to be added shortly!

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And it’s all done!

Get it here:

A full list of credits is also on that page.

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Beta proofreading patch out!

The draft translations were done in 3 May 2012 and passed off to checking and editing.  Unfortunately editing has been going slower than expected.  In the meantime we’ve received numerous comments asking about the progress of the English patch.

Today we’ve decided to release a beta proofreading patch!

Continue reading

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Getting there

As I mentioned in the previous post, I was only responsible for the first translation, other members of the team are responsible for translation checking, editing and quality check.  For the last few weeks these have been going rather slowly (hopefully not because I made a mess of the translation!) but suddenly @fkeroge posted yesterday that all chapters have been checked and edited.  With that leap of progress we’re much closer to releasing this game in English than before!

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Draft translations all done!

Well it’s been a hectic few days but it seems I found some time to finish the draft translations after all.  All chapters have now been translated.  Now we’ll have to wait… Continue reading

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Introducing the team

[Since taking up this project early this month I have been able to progress with the translation at a healthy pace so far.  Unfortunately I’m afraid that Real Life may overtake me in a big way in the coming days and I won’t be update nearly as often.  I’d promised a “colorful introduction” for the people joining the translation team, but right now I’m just trying to get as much translation done as possible before RL hits the fan.  So I’d just list out the people on the team in a brief blurb for now and update this post as I get to know more about the team members and find the time to write creatively.] Continue reading

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SH6 translation is recruiting!

[Edit: DeltaCake and AXYPB of Yuri Project have stepped up to be the translation checker (TLC) and quality checker (QC) respectively.  Someone else also wrote in here and volunteered to be a second quality checker.  Since I’m only up to chapter 10 of 15 and  TLC and QC probably take less time per chapter than first translation, I think the translation assembly line is well filled out at this point.  But if you’d like to try your hand at this you’re still welcome to write in and we’ll see if we can fit you in somewhere.  Maybe you can even start work on one of the later games!]

Just completed translation of Ch.7 of Sono Hanabira 6 today.  Along with Ch.8 (out of 15 chapters) being half done just done as well we’re almost exactly at the halfway mark for first pass translation.  But we can’t finish this without your help!

Here are the people we’re looking for to finish releasing this game in English: Continue reading

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Kannazuki No Miko: Our Last Song Together (Cantonese AMV translated to English)

[Edit: English subbed version has been done.  Link after the jump.]

Today I received my first comment ever for a Cantonese AMV I made for Kannazuki No Miko.  To my surprise, it is in English, even though everything in the Youtube video from the title to all the lyric subtitles to the whole description is all in Chinese.

“This is such a beautiful AMV. This captures their relationship perfectly. ^^ //ashamed of my Cantonese. xDarkangelGirl 1 hour ago”

Well xDarkangelGirl, I don’t know how you stumbled upon my AMV, but in case you don’t understand the Chinese lyrics here’s an English translation line by line: Continue reading

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“By the power of pink nipples!” (mild funny spoiler warning for video)

Here’s a funny line I came across while translating Ch.7 of SH6.
「震えるぞハート! 燃え尽きるほどヒート! ピンクだぞ乳首!」=”Quivering heart! Burning heat! Pink nipples!”

Apparently Nanami was disturbed by herself spacing out in fantasy over Onee-sama again and tried to shake it off with a By the Power of Greyskull incantation that came out comically wrong. Continue reading

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