Hello to everyone in the English yuri community.

I’ve decided to join the translation project for Sono Hanabira 6.

The English release is being coordinated as a whole at yuriproject.  Once I’ve completed translation of the text it will be in the capable hands of people such as AXYPB to modify the game code itself, using the excellent ArcTool by Proger_XP to embed the English text and dialog into the game. [Check this post for a full list of contributors to the project.]

I’m referring heavily to the Chinese translation of the game by jackcdx as well as reading the Japanese.

I’ll be releasing translations as they are done chapter by chapter into the yuriproject wiki so in the event that I drop this project for some reason anyone can pick up where I left off.

As the translation progresses I will be blogging about any interesting things I encounter.  Check back to the homepage to see my new posts.

This episode has been worked on, on and off, by Kuchibiru and @fkeroge since last year.  They’ve completed chapter 1 and 3 (out of 15) and also started work on several other chapters.  After I took on this project on about 10th April 2012, I’ve so far reviewed and completed chapters 4 and 5 (which others had started work on).  Chapter 2 will probably be completed tonight Hong Kong time–it will contain the first ecchi scene to be translated by me.

In case anybody reading this doesn’t know, Sono Hanabira 6 is a visual novel featuring yuri (girl on girl love) and depictions of lesbian sex.  All the links above contain NSFW material and shouldn’t be explored by minors in jurisdictions where this is forbidden.

You may leave a comment below to ask questions about progress, cheer me on or be like Reo and shout at me to get it done already 😀

Edit 2012-05-02–

Progress report on chapter completion:

2012-04-11 Ch.1 (already completed before I joined) reviewed
2012-04-12 Ch.4 (1/8 complete before I joined) reviewed and completed
2012-04-13 Ch.5 (1/4 complete before I joined) reviewed and completed
2012-04-13 Ch.2 (1/10 complete before I joined) reviewed and completed (first H-scene translation)
2012-04-14 Ch.6 completed
2012-04-20 Ch.7 completed
2012-04-21 Ch.8 completed
2012-04-22 Ch.9 (1/5 complete before I joined) reviewed and completed
2012-04-23 Ch.10 completed
2012-04-24 Ch.11 completed
2012-04-25 Ch.3 (already completed before I joined) reviewed
2012-04-26 Ch.12 completed
2012-04-29 Ch.13, 14 completed (1 to go!)
2012-05-02 Ch.15 completed (all done! … Still needs to be checked and edited by DeltaCake et al. though.)


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24 Responses to Sono Hanabira 6 translation

  1. AXYPB says:

    Thank you again for your cooperation.

    • Joe0Bloggs says:

      Thank you for all the work you’ve done for the English Sono Hanabira community! Without people like you and the Yuri Project website I couldn’t have made a dent on making an English patch for this by myself. I’ve updated the announcement page to better reflect the teamwork nature of this project.

  2. Gust says:

    Thank you for translating this! *Cheers*

    And good luck with translating those H-scenes~ Heheheh.

  3. Joe0Bloggs says:

    Thanks–I am in need of a little something for the h-scenes indeed 🙂

  4. wicashdesu says:

    Yeah, finally some love for SH6. Really, thank you.

  5. Metaler says:

    I was having a bad day till I saw this. I could kiss you.

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  7. Hime-angel says:

    I LOVE YOU for doing this, your my Hero. I have waited so long for any news of the progress on the translation, of Hanabira 6. I just Love Yuuna and Nanami. Good luck, and keep up the good work.

    • Joe0Bloggs says:

      Thanks 🙂 If you love Yuuna and Nanami from SH1 you’ll love them to bits in SH6 😀
      It actually took me a while to warm up to this pair (the character designs were a little too… round for me) but the dramatic tension in the second half of this sequel really made this game a great play. I hear that several other sequels also have good tension (I’ve only played 1-3, 6, 7) but for me 6 is the best game so far.

      Mind you it was fun just watching them loving each other to bits without a care in the world in the first 3 games but it’s nice to see something different too.

  8. Rudolf says:

    Finally…keep up the good work please!!! We all enjoy your superb translation 😛

  9. Joe0Bloggs says:

    Do you mean my translation speed or have you seen our draft scripts at the Yuri Project wiki?

  10. saberfang321 says:


  11. Joe0Bloggs says:

    Just finished reviewing the chapter where your Gravatar image shows up–it’s so sweet it still gives me the warm fuzzies all over just re-reading it. You won’t be disappointed ^_^

  12. Kuttsukiboshi28 says:

    Um…can you show me how to activate the translations in the game? I’m having trouble with it 😦 thanks

    • Joe0Bloggs says:

      Er we’re still working on the translation? ^^” When we’re done translating and checking the English script AXYPB will work on making the English patch for the game. It’s still a while away… 🙂

  13. Newbster says:

    Anybody home?

    • Joe0Bloggs says:

      Yeah, we’re checking the translations and editing it to make the script good enough for final release. I’ve got very little free time these days but that’s not really slowing the progress down as the checking and editing are out of my hands–I just need to check in now and then and comment a bit on it. I’d started translating Sono Hanabira 9 though and I’ve slowed to a crawl there just like akbjker who was working on it before me. But that’s 9, this is 6 🙂

      Translation checking by Deltacake et al. is up to ch.6 of 15 and editing by dclives and AXYPB et al. is up to ch.3.

  14. bioblitzer says:

    any update? not rushin but havent heard anything for awhile

  15. Joe0Bloggs says:

    Sorry guys, I got a bit ahead of myself and the group when I said fkeroge had checked and edited all chapters.
    As mentioned above the translation and patch project as a whole is being coordinated here http://wiki.yuriproject.org/kuchibiru_to_kiss_de_tsubuyaite
    Please visit the wiki for the latest updates on the project progress.

    Last I logged onto the wiki, it seems the project is considered checked and edited up to chapter 4, while fkeroge is considered to have translation checked chapter 9-15 (ie a further editing and QC pass required for these chapters).

    It seems our group is being very thorough in polishing the script of the translation before patching. Although this understandably increases frustration in waiting for release, it is for the better because in the long run, most people only ever find the first released patch for a game, any updated and corrected patch released later tends to get lost in the shuffle, so better to get it right the first time.

  16. bubusan91 says:

    I am an image editor from lemnisca translations
    i worked on the never7 translation
    if you need an image editor just email me at: bubusan@lemnis.ca

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