“By the power of pink nipples!” (mild funny spoiler warning for video)

Here’s a funny line I came across while translating Ch.7 of SH6.
「震えるぞハート! 燃え尽きるほどヒート! ピンクだぞ乳首!」=”Quivering heart! Burning heat! Pink nipples!”

Apparently Nanami was disturbed by herself spacing out in fantasy over Onee-sama again and tried to shake it off with a By the Power of Greyskull incantation that came out comically wrong.

I’ve been told that this line (well the first part anyway 😀 ) comes from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures. Some examples of Johnathan (as I’m told that’s his name) saying it:


I hadn’t come across this quote before and am a bit afraid that just translating it as I see it would cause me to lose some special reference to the source of this quote.  If anyone knows more about this quote (e.g. other games / anime where this is shouted out at the top of the lungs, so I can hear it in action ^^; standard English translations of the phrase; other ways in which I can get people to get the reference more easily) do please chime in in the comments 😀


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4 Responses to “By the power of pink nipples!” (mild funny spoiler warning for video)

  1. test says:

    125 views in one day (wow) and grand total of 1 comment (wow). Is the comment button broken or something?

  2. Likewise says:

    I will give you a comment, Joe-kun. >ω<

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