SH6 translation is recruiting!

[Edit: DeltaCake and AXYPB of Yuri Project have stepped up to be the translation checker (TLC) and quality checker (QC) respectively.  Someone else also wrote in here and volunteered to be a second quality checker.  Since I’m only up to chapter 10 of 15 and  TLC and QC probably take less time per chapter than first translation, I think the translation assembly line is well filled out at this point.  But if you’d like to try your hand at this you’re still welcome to write in and we’ll see if we can fit you in somewhere.  Maybe you can even start work on one of the later games!]

Just completed translation of Ch.7 of Sono Hanabira 6 today.  Along with Ch.8 (out of 15 chapters) being half done just done as well we’re almost exactly at the halfway mark for first pass translation.  But we can’t finish this without your help!

Here are the people we’re looking for to finish releasing this game in English:

Post: Translation Checker
Vacancies: 3
Requirements: Good Japanese and English (good Japanese more important) and some spare time (hopefully much less time than it takes for me to crank out the first translation)
Responsibility: Check the English translations I’ve made from the Japanese and Chinese for errors. (In case you’re wondering where the Chinese comes in, I’m translating indirectly from Japanese to Chinese (in the released Chinese patch translated by jackcdz) to English.  The Chinese translation quality looks good and my Chinese and English are good but still it’s customary to have translation checkers watching the lead translator’s back and in this case it’s more important than ever.)
Perks: You’ll get a colourful introduction from me here in this blog (or not, if you prefer to remain anonymous) and credits in the final released game patch (appearing e.g. in the end credits of the game and the readme file)

Post: Quality Checker
Vacancies: 3
Requirements: Good English (no Japanese required) and some spare time
Responsibility: Check out the translation the translation checkers and I crank out for awkward English and improve the flow of dialog and narrative.  You’ll assume that the translation is “correct” (hence no Japanese required) and just concentrate on how to make the English read better.
Perks: Again, a colourful introduction from me in this blog (or not, if you prefer to remain anonymous) and credits in the final released game patch.  Also, you may get to check the English translation by playing through an insider-only alpha English patch.

Post: Cheerleaders / Taskmasters
Vacancies: Unlimited 😀
Requirements: None, except just for a longing to see Sono Hanabira 6 released in English 😉
Responsibility: Check back onto this site regularly and fill up its pages with comments like “Go SH6Trans!” “Are we done yet?” “Get it done already~~~~~”
Perks: You get SH6 released in English sooner! 😀

Anyone interested in any of the above posts, please leave a private message on the form below with your contact method and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  Except for those of you applying for the last post.  You can just start working right on the comments XD


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5 Responses to SH6 translation is recruiting!

  1. Joe0Bloggs says:

    Hi Commentator,
    Check your email ^^

  2. perroger says:

    Hiya, I could be a quality checker if you need people, plus I know verbal japanese so maybe that´s a plus 😉 anyways, admiring you guys for your hard, work keep at it, and tell me if I can help someway!

  3. Joe0Bloggs says:

    Hi perroger, thanks for the support. Well right now we’ve too many quality checkers and not enough translation checkers (there’s one). The two chapters that have been translation checked so far have already been thoroughly QC’ed so… not much for another QC to do at the moment ^_^” Thanks anyway!

  4. boo says:

    Pretty beastly pace you got there, keep up the good work. I’d love to contribute but sadly med school leaves me with no time. Anyways, if you ever need some competely heterosexual (or not) fondling I’m your man.

  5. Refrex says:

    Wow! Thanks for working so hard ^-^ I hope you can finish the translations soon! I’m really looking forward to it!

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