Introducing the team

[Since taking up this project early this month I have been able to progress with the translation at a healthy pace so far.  Unfortunately I’m afraid that Real Life may overtake me in a big way in the coming days and I won’t be update nearly as often.  I’d promised a “colorful introduction” for the people joining the translation team, but right now I’m just trying to get as much translation done as possible before RL hits the fan.  So I’d just list out the people on the team in a brief blurb for now and update this post as I get to know more about the team members and find the time to write creatively.]

Previous Translators
Kuchibiru and @fkeroge: translated Ch.1 and Ch.3, started work on Ch. 2,4,5 and 9

Chinese Translation (which I referred to heavily in making the English translation, along with reading the Japanese):

Translation Checkers: DeltaCake, @fkeroge

Editor: AXYPB

Quality Checkers: AXYPB, Commentator

Graphics Editor / Programmer / Hacker: Proger_XP (for creating ArcTool), AXYPB

Project Hosting: Yuri Project

Other contributors: (anonymous)


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  2. wendy says:

    i love you (>T_T)>

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