Getting there

As I mentioned in the previous post, I was only responsible for the first translation, other members of the team are responsible for translation checking, editing and quality check.  For the last few weeks these have been going rather slowly (hopefully not because I made a mess of the translation!) but suddenly @fkeroge posted yesterday that all chapters have been checked and edited.  With that leap of progress we’re much closer to releasing this game in English than before!


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19 Responses to Getting there

  1. Yarikichi123 says:

    yay for @fkeroge!! now Im very excited!! xD
    anyway, is it ok for me to ask about the other hanabira? is there someone translating on it yet?

  2. SilenceComes says:

    Good news good news! 🙂

  3. Lucy13FT says:

    That’s great!!! I’m really excited now!! I can’t wait!!!

  4. erobotan says:

    *playing taiko drum in excitement

  5. Otaku says:

    Please, give us the release of the patch in the next post!
    Can’t wait anymore…

  6. Andrew says:

    One month has gone by! Keep it up! Hopefully you’ll can finish before school starts up again 🙂

  7. Black Sword Slasher says:

    Are they back yet???

    • Joe0Bloggs says:

      Yes. But they’ve actually classified the chapters checked by fkeroge on the day of this “Getting there” post as “translation checked”, not “edited”. And the editor doesn’t seem to be making much progress. It’s been stuck at chapter 4 for a while 😦 I’ve needed to edit this post with this news for a long time but never had the heart to 😐

      • Andrew says:

        Bad news IS better than no news. Keeping the fans updated is always a good thing. But, this thing will finish when it finishes. I just hope they team works this into their schedules more and more.

      • Joe0Bloggs says:

        Thank you for your understanding! The chief editor for this project also heads the broken-subs fansub group and he says he’s been busy with work there. Well, whichever way he goes he’s a big contributor to the fan community. I’d repost the recruitment post but editing is a high-level task that requires a well trained eye and great knowledge of English. The team isn’t convinced that we need another editor unless he goes completely AWOL and I agree.

        In the meantime he has edited chapter 5.

  8. Newbster says:

    That’s understandable. I personally would like to thank all of those working on this project as I know you do this out of your own free will and provide the patch for free especially since everyone has other priorities that more than likely fall above this and that’s perfectly fine. Thank you so much for your hard work and kindness and I hope you had a great vacation :).

  9. Bobby says:

    iv been looking forward to this for ages

  10. Evan says:

    Keep up all the good work i been waiting for this one for a while now to be honest i like this story line (made me laugh more) keep up the good work on the translation

  11. fxc2 says:

    I want to play this so bad! 😦

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