Beta proofreading patch out!

The draft translations were done in 3 May 2012 and passed off to checking and editing.  Unfortunately editing has been going slower than expected.  In the meantime we’ve received numerous comments asking about the progress of the English patch.

Today we’ve decided to release a beta proofreading patch!

Buy and install the Japanese Sono Hanabira 6,

copy the patcher to the root Hanabira 6 directory and run it, and the game should be patched to English.

This is a beta proofreading patch.  The English script is not final and may contain errors and awkward English.  Please report any typos, grammatical mistakes and any other suggestions for improvement at the yuriproject thread on SH6:

You may also join in directly editing the scripts at the yuriproject wiki:

The only conditions are:
1. Please introduce yourself on the yuriproject thread on SH6
and briefly describe what changes you have / will be making on the script (e.g. proofreading typos or editing for smoother English)

2. Please make an additional note on the thread if you’re editing ch.1-5, as these are considered to be at a higher level of completion.

Enjoy!  And please help us edit / proofread the game to make a final patch!


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2 Responses to Beta proofreading patch out!

  1. AXYPB says:

    I’ve created an information post for the beta patch. Please correct the link in your post to

  2. BloodyMouth says:

    looks nice.

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