Why DSP?

I find that sound processing such as equalizers warps the music beyond what you want to hear. Neutron’s sound processing is pointless if you want your sound to be as true to the original recording as possible. If you want truly better sound then invest in good transducers, lossless files, and a better amp/dac.

There are aberrations in current music recording and reproduction technology that simply cannot be fixed with “good transducers, lossless files, and better amp/dacs”.

For a start, 99% of music are mastered for loudspeakers not headphones.
On the other hand, it’s quite impossible to master all that well for headphones, because headphone listening is a moving target, with wild variations in the results among different headphones and different listeners.

All the processing I do is about transcending the physical limits imposed by my already quite excellent audio hardware, and my personal head/ear physiology (which although not aberrantly extraordinary, have enough normal variation from the norm to make generic mass market headphone tuning a hit-or-miss affair–as usual).

While we’re at it, there is no “the sound as the artist / producer / sound engineer / whatever intended” in any commercial recording played back through any stock home system, least of all an audiophile headphone rig. The ones producing the music know that their target audience / listening devices is a wild mishmash from Earpods and car radios to Martin Logan towers (or what-have-you) in billion-dollar listening rooms. The produced recording is full of compromises, designed to offend as little as possible in all setups, rather than to amaze anybody on a particular setup. Audiophiles don’t even take the studio listening setup on which the music was mastered to be the goal for their audio systems, and they may even be right, because the studio setup may have been designed to reveal as many potential flaws in the recording as possible rather than to present the music as best it can.

But that means that NOBODY has ever heard the produced music at its best even in the studio, and it is up to YOU to find / create the setup that pleases you the most!

It’s high time audiophiles took responsibility for creating the ultimate sound into their own hands instead of relying spoon-feed from audio companies.



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